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1) What is the application procedure?
  Check our available apartments
Choose your favourite one (s)
Confirm initial costs & rental terms
Fill out our online application form (questions/details etc)

2) Why do I have to fill out an application form?

It helps Tokyo Rent understand your needs, budget, location preferences, etc. Also, it makes the screening process faster.
You need to provide basic informtaion about your employer/school, otherwise we will not be able to process your application.

3) How long does it take for Tokyo Rent to reply to my application?
Our managers will contact you as soon as possible (during our bussiness hours), by e-mail.

4) What additional information can Tokyo Rent provide about the apartments?

 We can provide floor plans & pictures of all the available apartments.
* If you need to know precise measurements of the apartment of your interest,
we kindly ask you to do so during the viewing, as we do not usually have this information for every apartment.

5) If I want to stay only for a few months, can I make a short term contract with you?

Usually, our contracts are for 1 year & longer. However, for some apartments a short term contract is allowed
(depends on the landlord). Please be advised that the following short-term fees will apply:

Length of stay
Additional charge
Between 3 and 6 months
monthly rent + 15.000 yen
Between 6 and 9 months
monthly rent + 10.000 yen
Between 9 and 12 months (less than one full year)
monthly rent + 5.000 yen

6) Can I visit apartments that I like?
We would be happy to show you our currently available apartments.
However, there is a limit (max 3 viewings per an applicant)
Afte reaching the limit, the following charge will apply: 2,000 yen per viewing.
  7) How do I know where the apartment is located and how far it is from the nearest station?
Each apartment has an individual page containing a link to Google Maps. This link will give you a better idea of the area surrounding, including its nearest station. Most of our apartments are located within walking distance (5-10 minutes) to the nearest station.
  8) How are viewings conducted?
Our manager will set up a meeting at a designated station and time. Please contact a manager if you are late to a meeting.

Once you meet you will walk together to the apartment. This is a great way to explore the neighbourhood as well.
  9) What times am I able to see the apartments?
We can schedule viewings when it is comfortable for you (within our bussines hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm)

  10) What are the required documents to start an application procedure & rent an apartment ?

Please provide scan-copies of the following:

-        Passport (first page & page with your japanese visa)
-        Japanese residence card
-        Proof of employment (for full-time employees) / Certificate of attendance or acceptance to a Japanese school (for students)
-        Proof of your bank account savings (for students / unemployed)
-        Two emergency contacts: one from Japan and one from your home-country (name, address, phone number, email)
-        Desired (exact) move-in date
-        Desired apartment & room number

11) Can I reserve an apartment in advance/ online/ from overseas?
We accept reservations max 1-2 months prior to your desired move-in date.
If you would like to make a reservation from overseas, you are required to pay all the initial fees in advance (by PayPal / intenational bank transfer).
Please pay atention that if you suddenly change your mind and decide to cancell your application, this payment would be non-refundable.
For that reason, before securing an apartment, please make sure your visa and enrty permit to Japan are valid.
12) Can I move in over the weekend/ late night?
Please advise our manager in charge of your desired move-in date so that we can make sure cleaning/maintenance work etc. will be finished before your move-in.
13) I'm coming from overseas, can I move in on my arrival date?
Yes, but please be sure to advise of your arrival  date to a manager.
For example, if you reserved and paid for an appartment in advance (by PayPal / intenational bank transfer) and you come to Japan on Saturday/Sunday (our days-off) you can enter the apartment right on your arrival date. The keys can be found in your mailbox and the mailbox code is sent to you by email 1 day prior to your arrival date (in the evening).  After that (the next day, during our bussines hours) you will need to come to our office & sign the paper version of the Lease Agreement pack.
14) How much are initial costs?
Our typical initial costs are:
- 1st month's rent (prorated rent is possible)
- Refundable Security Deposit (equivalent to 1or 2 months' rent, depends on your employment situation)
- Apartment's insurance (18.000 yen)
- Guarantee commission for Guarantor company

We will provide your with the breakdown of the initial payments by email (pdf format)
15) Why do I have to pay a Cleaning Fee?

 Coming into a clean home is appreciated by everyone. Despite your best efforts in cleaning the apartment, it will not have the same depth and thoroughness of a professional job. For safety reasons - and the comfort of the next tenant - this fee cannot be waived and is a requirement for all our tenants.

16) Why do I have to pay for Insurance?
Standard Housing Insurance (18.000 yen~) is required by Japanese law for each apartment.
Despite being a requirement, insurance gives you peace of mind in the event of damage to your apartment or other emergency situation (fire, burglary, flood etc)
When signing the lease agreement pack, we will provide you with more details of the insurance coverage.
17) When do I have to pay by?
If you are already in Japan, the initial payment should be paid beforehand, max 1-3 days prior to your move-in date at our office, right after signing the lease agrement pack.
If you are coming from overseas, please refer to #13.

After that, your usual monthly rent should be wired to our / landlord`s bank account, by the end of each previous month (for example, the rent for September is to be paid at the end of August).
Please keep in mind that banks are closed on weekends and national holidays, so please pay beforehand to avoid late payment fees.
Also, please bear in mind that all the transfer fees are the responsability of a tenant.
18) Can I pay in cash? Credit card? Bank Transfer?

For the initial payment, cash (if you apply within Japan) or paypal (if you make a reservation from overseas) are allowed.
After that, you are required to wire your monthly rent payments to our/landlord`s bank account.
Unfortunately, the monthly rent cannot be paid by credit card for the apartments managed by us.

21) What documents do I have to provide upon signing the Lease Agreement?

-        Passport (first page & page with your japanese visa)
-        Japanese residence card
-        Proof of employment (for full-time employees) / Certificate of attendance or acceptance to a Japanese school (for students)
-        Proof of your bank account savings (for students / unemployed)

22) How can I get the key for the apartment?
There are two options:

You will find your key (s) in the mailbox.
The mailbox code will be sent to you by email (
1 day prior to your move-in date, ~in the evening)

2: You will receive it upon signing the Lease Agreement (at our office).
23) I want to move-in with my family/friend; how many people can occupy a single room/apartment?
Usually, the size of an apartment determines how many people can live together.
Dual occupancy is naturally allowed in 2K & bigger apartments (free of charge).
If it is a studio/1K apartment & the size of it is more than 20 sqm, dual occupancy is allowed but an additional fee of 5.000 yen will be added to your monthly rent.
24) Can I keep a pet?

25) Can I use my apartment as an office?

26) Is internet connection included?
You need to apply to an internet company yourself (any provider you want).
27) Which Internet company should I use, how much will it cost and how long is the set up process?
Tokyo Rent can recommend some companies you can apply to (based on the building you are going to live in).
However, you are free to choose any provider you want (even not from our list of recommendations).

Monthly fees vary depending on the internet company but in average, it is about ~5.000yen/month.
Please apply beforehand as the setup/application process to some internet companies can take up to two weeks to be complited.
28) Are utilities like gas, water and electricity included in the rent?
29)  How can I set up my utilities?

Tokyo Rent will provide you with the necessary phone numbers/website links for all utility companies.
If you would like to familiarize yourself with the process, here are some websites:

Electricity Co

Tokyo Gas: Eng & Jap

Water Co

30) How much do I need to pay for utilities (monthly) ?
The average (total) cost of utilities is 10,000 yen/month. Naturally, this amount varies according to your individual usage.
You can pay for utilities in 2 ways:
    1) Provide the electric, gas and water companies with your bank account information. They will automatically deduct the necessary amount from your account.
    2) Take your bill to any post office/convenience store in your area. The payments can be made at the counter.

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