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Typically, only one months rent and a refundable security deposit are all that's required for you to move in. Here's a more detailed rental policy explanation .
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We own and operate over 500 apartments conveniently located throughout the Tokyo metropolitan area. Here's a complete list of currently available apartments .
We have been a leading provider of clean, affordable apartments to foreigners in Japan for over a decade. More than 75% of our tenants come from overseas. Learn more about Tokyo Rent .
First, take a look at our list of currently available apartments . Then fill out our online application form to let us know what you're looking for. Be sure to include a note about any special requirements or requests.
You can communicate with us in English , Japanese or Estonian . Here's all our contact information including email address, telephone, and fax numbers.
Have a question about our apartments, availability, features, policies, or just about living in Japan?

We've tried to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions here . If you can't find the answer you're looking for, then feel free to contact us .
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Looking for a smaller apartment? We recommend you contact Tokyo Apartment and Office Center .
Trying to decide where to live around Tokyo?

We have apartments throughout the city with easy access to major train and subway lines.

This map shows the locations of our most popular apartment buildings along with a table showing the transit times to major city centers like Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Roppongi, and others.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The sections below answer the most common questions asked by prospective tenants. You will find detailed answers about the application procedure, viewing apartments, reservations/cancelations, how to pay and how much, and moving in.

I - Application Procedure

1- How do I apply for the apartments advertised on your website?
Please fill out the Application form.
2- Why do I have to fill out an application form?
In order to understand your needs, budget, preferences etc. The more we know the better we can serve your needs. Filling in the application is easy and quick.
3- How long does it take for Tokyo Rent to reply to my application form?
Our Managers will contact you as soon as possible over e-mail or telephone.
4- What additional information can Tokyo Rent provide about the apartments?
We can provide floor plans, area maps and specific pictures of the apartment units available.
II- Viewing Apartments
5- Can I visit apartments that I like?
We would be happy to show you available apartment that you are interested in. We set the limit at 3 apartments per prospect. For each viewing after that it will cost an additional 2,000 yen per apartment.
6- How do I know where the apartment is located and how far it is from the nearest station?
Each apartment page contains a link to Google Maps, please use this link to gain a better idea of the surrounding area. Most of our apartments are a 5-10 minute walk from the nearest station.
7- How are viewings conducted?
A Tokyo Rent Manager will meet you at the designated station at a designated time and from there proceed to take you to the apartment.It's great way to get to know the neighborhood at the same time.
8- What times am I able to see the apartments?
We try to schedule viewings at times suitable for you while still falling within our office hours: Monday thru Saturday 9am-17pm.
III- Reservation/Cancelation
9- Am I able to rent an apartment right away?
This is decided on a case by case basis, but yes, you can. Just make sure to confirm with the Manager in charge first whether it's possible.
10- Can I reserve an apartment in advance or online?
We can accept reservations 1 month in advance prior to your desired move-in date. If you would like to reserve an apartment, you are requested to pay at least the non-cancelable security deposit in advance. If you are interested in this option a Tokyo Rent Manager can provide you with additional details by e-mail.
11- Can I cancel my online reservation and get my deposit back?
In principle, no. However, you can transfer your deposit over to certain other available apartments managed by Tokyo Rent
12- When can I move into an apartment? Can I move in over the weekend/ late night?
Please advise the Manager in charge of your desired move-in date so we can make sure that cleaning/maintenance etc will be finished before your move-in. Our office is open on Saturdays from 9am-5pm, so you can come and sign the Lease Agreement and immediately move-in after. Special arrangements can be made for those of you who will arrive after business hours.
13- I'm coming from overseas, can I move in on my arrival date?
Yes, but please be sure to advise the date to Manager in charge.
IV- How to Pay and How Much?
14- How much will I have to pay in advance?
Typical required payment contains refundable security deposit (usually 1 - 2 months rent equivalent)+First month rent+15,000 Yen for Casualty insurance. The Manager in charge will advise you the total along with the payment breakdown in advance.
15- Why do I have to pay a Cleaning Fee?
This fee unfortunately can not be waived and therefore is required by all customers. How hard you may try to clean your apartment, professional cleaning is required for a next Tenant.
16- Why do I have to pay for Insurance?
Standard Housing insurance coverage is required by all tenants to have for the duration of their stay in the apartment.
17- When do I have to pay by?
Your Initial Payment should be paid before your move-in date. Your Monthly Rent should be wired to the advised account by end of each previous month. Please keep in mind that all wiring fees are the Tenant's responsibility.
18- Can I pay in cash? Credit card? Bank Transfer?
Yes, for the first initial payment Cash or Paypal payment is allowed, however after the initial payment wiring to the advised bank account is necessary. Unfortunately, monthly rent can not be paid by credit card due to the Japanese regulation.
19- You have many special offers on your website; how do I know if I'm eligible for them?
The special offers offered on the site are for long term stay (at least 1 year) customers unless stated otherwise.
V- Move in questions
20- Which documents do I have to provide upon signing the Lease Agreement?
- your passport with proper visa
- alien registration card
- your bank account information (requested by the insurance company)
- certificates of employment issued by the companies you work for stating your salary or your last salary slip.
21- How can I get the key for the apartment?
The apartment key will be arranged by the Manager in charge and you will usually receive it upon signing of the Lease Agreement.
22- I want to move-in with my family/friend; up to how many people can occupy a single room/apartment?
Usually the number of rooms in the apartment determine how many people can stay. Typically, it is 1 to 1. however dual occupancy is possible in most cases with an additional fee of 5,000 yen added to the monthly rent.
23- Can I keep a pet?
Pets are accepted in some cases with a higher security deposit (2-3 months) with an additional fee of 5,000 yen added to the monthly rent. Please advise the Manager in charge which kind of pet you have so they can recommend suitable apartments.
24- Can I use my apartment as an office?
Yes, but please advise the Manager in charge of your requirements for an office space so they can recommend suitable apartments.
25- Will I have to pay for the delivery or removal of furniture rented from Tokyo Rent?
Initial delivery of an item is free of charge. If you decide to return the items before the completion of the Lease Agreement, fee will be charged. The removal of furniture after your vacating of the apartment is free of charge.
26- Is internet connection included?
Some of our apartments have internet connection included with the rent. To see which apartments include this option, simply check the webpage for the apartment you are interested in renting on our website.
27- Which Internet company should I use and how much will it cost? How long is the set up?
Tokyo Rent will advise you which company you should apply to based on which building you have chosen to live in. Monthly fees depends on which company you will use; Average costs are about 5,000 yen per month. Internet set up and construction can fall between the time frame of 2 weeks to 1 months. It's best to advise us if you're interested in setting up internet after you've decided on an apartment so that we can advise the best method of setup or which companies to contact if necessary.
28- Are utilities like gas, water and electricity included in the rent?
Some apartment rentals include partial or full utilities included in the rent price. Please check the webpage for the apartment you are interested in renting to confirm what is included.
29- How can I set up my utilities?
Tokyo Rent will advise you the appropriate phone numbers of all necessary utilities companies or with service fee of 3,000 yen we will arrange to open the utilities services and internet connection.

Online services:
30- How much would I pay and how to pay every month for utilities?
Average total cost for gas, electricity and water is around 10,000-15,000 Yen/month, but of course the cost may vary according to each individual usage. There are 2 methods available for you to be able to simply pay you utilities bills:
1) Supply the electric, gas, and water companies with your bank account information and when the bill is due the money will automatically be deducted from your account.

2) If you would rather pay in person or if you are waiting to set up an account, you can pay bills at a post office or convenience store. Hand the clerk your bill and the amount due in cash and your payment will be processed. You can pay in the same way at your utility companies´ offices.
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